Managed Accounts

For any type of funding or personal finances, we offer a service which enables individuals, those in control of someone’s finances and even Local Authorities or other government organisations to transfer such finances into a ‘ring fenced’ bank account which we as company can securely and safely manage and provide reports in line with any legal, financial or personal requirements.

This service is particularly good for anyone in receipt of a Personal Budget or Personal Health Budget and who are required to set up a new account separate to any personal accounts they hold before funds are released.  Alongside this, individuals would also need to provide regular reports such as statements to the funding provider and answer any other correspondence linked to the account.

Our managed account service takes away all those worries and tasks, we simply receive instructions and correspondence from the client or even directly from the funding source on a client’s behalf, following their consent and we deal with any and all issues or requirements.

Managed Accounts

This is a great service to combine with our payroll service, to offer a completely hassle free managed service which still involves the client at every stage of the process with a number of means of communication including; face to face, telephone or email interaction and reports are produced regularly and on request.

Our managed accounts are held with Lloyds Bank plc and are protected up to a total of £75,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK’s deposit guarantee scheme.

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