Employer Support

As someone who is either self-funding or someone who has chosen to self-direct your care/support through a Personal Health Budget or Personal Budget, you have the opportunity to truly tailor your care and support by becoming an employer and hiring your own Personal Assistants.

Here at the CareHub, we can help you get off the ground and in continuing to meet your statutory requirements throughout your time as an employer.

Some of the typical tasks you may face as an employer that we can support you are set out below:


Recruiting a Personal Assistant

CareHub will help you to fully develop job descriptions and person specifications should you need this support or we can provide professional and legal templates to you.

Some of the key focus points would typically include the type of activities or tasks that you would like your personal assistants to help you with or do for you and identifying the qualities, skills, knowledge and experience that you need from your personal assistants.


Advertising for Personal Assistants

CareHub will work with you to develop an advert that will capture all you needs, goals and the type of individual you are looking for.  We will then use our experience in recruitment and connections in the sector to select the best channels of targeting the appropriate audience to find the right Personal Assistant for you.  Some of these channels would include newspapers, job centres, online sites, colleges, social media, professional agencies, PA registers and other local resources.



CareHub can support you to 'shortlist' the applicants by looking at their application forms or CVs, selecting those who meet your job description, personal specification and taking into account legal responsibilities such as the Equalities Act 2010, ensuring non-discrimination of any successful applicants. 

Through years of care sector experience, CareHub have a vast experience with interviewing and in particular designing questions which can really help you to whittle down applicants and allowing you to choose the individual that would truly fulfil the role of being your personal assistant.

We believe it is always best to interview with another person to get a second point of view, CareHub are happy to support you in being your second person.



It is good practice and to ensure your safety or that of a family member. once you have informed the person you wish to employ, you must let them know that you need to check their references and carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before they can start working for you.  CareHub can support you with or carry out both of these tasks on your behalf.

CareHub are able to process DBS checks for you. A DBS check is required to check someone’s criminal record if they apply for certain jobs or voluntary work, eg working with children or vulnerable adults for example providing care.


As an employer, you inherit the legal duty to help your staff to save for retirement.

You must do this by automatically enrolling your Personal Assistants into a qualifying workplace pension scheme and make contributions towards it.

CareHub can take care of this or support you with this, please also see our payroll service which offers a continuous management service for this.


Employment Contracts

A contract agreement gives details of employment rights, responsibilities and duties and must be provided within 8 weeks of employment. You should include a probationary period, notice period, employment start date and place of work.  Key points are also included such as place of work, often your home, salary, hours of work, sick leave and pay, holiday entitlement, pensions, maternity leave and pay, disciplinary* and dismissal procedure, confidentiality and much more.

CareHub have many flexible templates of employment contracts which we can provide you with and/or draw up on your behalf, between you and your employees.



As an employer you are required to hold public liability insurance required by law, alongside other insurances such as home employment insurance with carer's liability and healthcare tasks.  Every case is different, that’s why the CareHub can help you find the correct cover for your specific needs.


Ongoing Management Responsibilities

As an employer you have a legal responsibility to ensure your staff are safe and healthy whilst working with you. That also includes being correctly managed, supported and safe.  For those who more than 5 people, you will need a Health and Safety Policy to safeguard you and your staff. 

CareHub can offer support through templates that will provide you with everything you need to be a good employer, alongside this we also offer ‘hands on’ assistance by offering regular or annual visits to your home and supporting you to audit and carry out employer related tasks within the working environment and you’re your staff.


Care and Support Planning

CareHub are true experts in helping you to develop a care and support plan which identifies your care, health, support and well-being needs.  Following this we support you to record any actions you, your family and/or staff may need to take to meet the outcomes you have identified.

Once we have developed your care and support plan together, we will review it regularly as required and on annual basis to ensure your support plan is up to date with your needs. 


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